Can I delete Cache contents?

Hi all!

My OJS System (2.4.8) has some problema that I can´t figure out.
If I turn on debug it only shows SQL sentences into browser.

Can I delete my cache dir (mantaining its structure), re-start my apache and test if OJS Works? ¿Is it important that folder (cache)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @lacris

Are you sure there is nothing else? The point is this DB debug is very very verbose, so usually you get like 95% of SQL sentences and you have to be very careful to find the rest. Maybe at the bottom end of the page.

Regards, Primož

Hi primozs,
I solved the problem;

I had changed the mysql driver to the mysqli driver and apparently the administrator part worked well but it did not show the magazines well.
He would wait without answer for a long time. So I put back the old driver.

Thanks in advance!