Button PDF Download in Galleys OJS

Hi everyone!
When i publish an Article in OJS and I create a galley for a PDF, I have to select a Galley Label (i.e. PDF) and I have to select a Language (i.e. Italian).
This way, in the page for the published Article, I see properly a button “PDF” if the language selected is italian; but i see unproperly a button “PDF (Italiano)” if I switch the language and display the page in English (for example, see here, please: https://www.cesura.info/ojs/index.php/cr/issue/view/1_1_2022).
The same happens if I select English as language in Galleys settings (in Italian version I see “PDF (English”).
Is there a bug or I have to set OJS in a different way?
Thank You

No, this is expected behavior.