Bulk Journals subscription feature needed in OJS

Dear PKP team,

Recently working with my client, I had a request from my client that some of his subscribers are demanding to subscribe more than one journal as well.
I know that they can buy each journal separately but the problem is that we want to sell the past archived journals in just one transaction, that is what the subscribers are demanding as well.
Like for example last 3 yrs journals in $500, Last 5 yrs Journal in $1000 etc. once paying this amount they will be subscribed for these journals in bulk as well.
Is there any feature like this available in OJS as well or if not then please, please, please redesign it in your future version as well.

Hi @abraham.john,

OJS doesn’t have built-in support for that yet. For complex subscription setups, you might consider looking at whether external subscription management tools could be used in conjunction with OJS; there are plugins to integrate external subscription verification e.g.:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team