Bulk assign author role to all the users in database


We have OJS installed.

Recently I was contacted by a registered user with a note that the New submission button is not visible to him. I checked his roles and he was not assigned an author role.

  1. Do all the registered users get the author role automatically? Is there such an option in the OJS to be selected?

  2. I would like all of the users in our database (including reviewers) to have the additional role of the author. Is there a way to do that. Maybe a query to be run on the database?

Thanks a lot!!


Take a look at this thread: Make reader and author registration optional / opt-in · Issue #3600 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Thank you so much @Vitaliy.
I am still not sure what is the final outcome of that discussion.

One of the commits there removes the automatic assignment of the author role. As far as I can see this code was removed from the registration template and correspondent PHP controller class. Probably @NateWr can explain more.


Is this user a Reviewer? If so, you are probably running into this bug.

OJS now does not require the author role to make a new submission. Everyone is allowed to start a submission and once it has begun they are assigned the Author role.

Ok. I think this bug affected my user.

Hope to get a fix soon.
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