Bugs on Mac OS (front end CSS)

Hi, this website does not encounter any problem when it is displayed on navigators running on Windows (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), but it is well not the case on MAC OS.
It seems that the main CSS file is not loading and the architecture is too complex to dig in. The additional stylesheet was added trough the admin dahsboard. Any idea of why this very strange behaviour and how to fix it? About the screenshots: the cache was cleared, so it does not comes from there. Thank you!45 47

Note: it is the OJS 3 version

Hi @Laurence_Dx,

OJS’s CSS is failed to download. In the browser console there is a correspondent error:


I think it’s out of the OJS scope. This is most probably Nginx issue, e.g.: spdy - What does ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR mean in nginx? - Stack Overflow