Bug in CrossRef Import /Export plugin

Hi, Looks like CrossRef Import/Export Plugin have some bugs.

Based on CrossRef schema, element “first_page” (see Schema documentation for namespace http://www.crossref.org/doi_resources_schema/4.3.6 ) shall be “alpa, numeric, or a combination”. so roman numerals are valid. Therefore, doi like 10.2458/azu_jmmss_v1i2_iii-iv is perfectly fine.

  1. When I submitted the DOI via CrossRef Import/Export Plugin, error message returned due to empty pages element. see attached pic

  1. also last_page shall be used, instead of “other_page” (see attached pic )

Hi @Y_H

Yes, this is currently so. It is improved and this will be available in the next OJS version, s. CrossRef XML Export - Ability to handle roman numerals. · Issue #333 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub