Browse By Section for OJS


I nedd the browseBySection plugin in a website, the OJS version used is

I didn’t find that plugin in the plugin gallery.
So I looked for it on gitHub (GitHub - pkp/browseBySection: This OJS 3 plugin adds support for browsing published articles by section.) and I tried to install the main and the 3.1.1 version but neither worked.
I also tried with the tags: 1_0_2_0, 1_1_0_0 and 1_2_0_0, but still no one ot that worked.

Someone knows is there is a plugin version that works with OJS

Hi @nostrabramus,

This plugin has not been updated. I believe this is largely because there is work underway that supersedes it, by incorporating Browse By Section into the core code: Incorporate browse by section into core application · Issue #2714 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - this work is still ongoing, so it wouldn’t work as part of 3.3.0-10, but you’ll likely see it as part of a future version.

PKP Team