Broken links on submission page

I’ve just discovered that there are broken links on the submissions page of my journal installation. This seems to be a hangover from when the Journal was located in a different installation directory because the links point there.

The page is: Submissions and the broken links are in the “submission preparation checklist” section, namely: and

Both point to the directory “journal” rather than “jgb” – an old installation directory.

I’m running OJS version 2.4.5 (haven’t yet made the upgrade. Is it possible that doing this will fix the problem?) Otherwise, I’d like to know how I could manually edit the links. Thanks,
Jovan Maud

Hi @jovanmaud,

The submission checklist can be customized by the manager under step 3 of the journal setup. I bet that those urls are part of a customized checklist, and it’s not generated by the system. That’s why it’s still pointing to an old path. Try editing that to the correct path and everything should be fine.


Hi Bruno,

Gah! You’re absolutely right. How noobish of me. Thanks very much for your help!