Bounce address-configuration of mail server

What kind of configurations are needed on the mail server to be able to use bounce address in OJS?
I set allow_envelope_sender on and i put the bounce address in the Setup - but this is not enough.


What version of OJS are you working with. This functionality has changed pretty substantially and very recently. It may not be entirely consistent, but current fixes are scheduled to go into OJS 2.4.8-1.

There is also the possibility that the server itself disallows setting the bounce address when sending email, and this can vary between whether or not you use SMTP for email. Some more information on your configuration and what you are seeing may be helpful.

We use OJS 2.4.8 and mail() for sending emails.

When I send email to fake address via OJS no error is displayed and this email appears in Email log in the History of an article as a sent mail.