Bootstrap3 theme - installation and header height


I would like to install Bootstrap3 theme, is there PHP version requirement?

Also, is there an option with Bootstrap3 theme to change the height of the header on mobile devices, with default theme there is a problem that header is realy tiny and not responsive at all.


I fact, I’m not sure is this going to help me, I just want to make more height in header in mobile version of the web, so I can upload some meaningfull logo.

This is a screenshot of the mobile version of the web, header is really tiny.

If it could be done with some css, how I the easiest way to edit css.


Hi @Vedran_Serbu,

Can you please indicate which version of the theme you’re using (you should be able to find this in your plugin gallery), as well as the version of OJS you’re using (e.g. 3.3.0-14)?

PKP Team

My OJS version is
I did not install any additional themes and for now I’m using only default theme.

I see that Bootstrap3 theme in gallery is v3.2.0.5 but I did not install it yet. It is not a problem for me to install any provided themes from the gallery, if those themes provide some frexibility with header especially regarding mobile phones, I’m not seeking some advanced customatization, in fact, even default theme is enough for me, just header logo is not showing properly on mobile phones.

Hello @Vedran_Serbu ,

the image you provided for us is already using the Bootstrap3 theme? if it is, Which branch did you use to get this layout? And lastly, do you make any setup for this theme in the Management section? Could you provide it for us, please? Appreciate if you can so we can track a way to help you

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    PKP Team

For now, I did not install anything, I’m currently on the default theme which came with installation OJS. I’m considering either manuscript or bootstrap or any other theme I can install from plugin gallery to install. My journal is at For now, I removed heading image (strip) and using only logo, but I would like to be able to use some heading image (some color) and logo image but on mobile phones, heading is very tiny, and logo image is going outside of the heading.

Unfortunately, is not possible, using theme options, to make a setup in the logo image. But, if you have access to the theme’s code, you can make a local change in the style that handles this section.

You can search in <theme_root_path>/bootstrap/less/bootstrap.less and search for “.navbar-brand-logo img” to handle with image directly, or even:

<theme_root_path>/bootstrap/less/navbar.less and search for “.navbar-brand” to handle with the navbar directly. It should also change the image height as well.

please let me know if you need anything else for us that you can help with!

Kind regards,
Guilherme - PKP Team

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