Book Series and OJS

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Been looking around and could not find much in terms of details so hope you all can help!

We are planning to launch a number of Open Access Journals and Book Series on OJS and seem to have hit a wall. Journal hosting on OJS is fine and understood. However, when it comes to series there does not seem to be any mechanism for this. Series needs to have an ISSN at the title level and each volume in that series must have an ISBN. From there, we would assign DOI at the Series title level and also DOIs at the Volume title as well as chapter level. This is possible with CrossRef (see Web Deposit form: Conference>> Series Publication) where ISSN of the Series is required as well as ISBN of the Volume. The same for Book DOI when in a Series.

On OJS, we cannot see any way to have an ISBN at the metadata level when ingesting individual papers (chapters). Is there a way to create a Journal/ Series whereby there would be an ISSN at this level and then for each ingested paper/ chapter assign an ISBN as well?

If we need to use the CrossRef Web deposit form to handle this rather than the plug in, then so be it, but Book Series in OJS is really essential for us…

We do not want to use OMP or OCS as we would like to have all under OJS.


Hi @Nazimm,

One of the main differences between OMP and OJS is exactly what you’re describing here, the possibility to handle chapters instead of a single submission file. I think OJS 2.x will not help you that much on this area, it was just not designed for that.


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Thanks Bruno… Would OMP be the right solution? Can it manage Book Series?


Sure, that’s already implemented in OMP.

You can try it here:



I was wondering how did you cope with book series eventually? I have the same “problem”, however, I stick with OJS as setting up separate platform for a single book series is challenging. Lacking of build in ISBN functionality is a drawback though. There is a Books For Review plugin, but I haven’t tested it and am not sure whether it offer any extra publishing capabilities over the standard ones for journals. Any others utilize OJS for book series?