Bolding the table of contents section


I wanted to ask that part of code and file I apply to be marked in bold all the items collected within a number after clicking on table of contents.

Thank you and I hope your help as always.

Hi @gardbeat, I am not sure I understand your question correctly. Are you asking how to make the titles of elements in the table of contents appear in bold? If yes, please do the following:

  1. Create a css file or, if you already have a custom css file, download it from your installation in setup.
  2. In the css file, create the following line:
    .tocTitle { font-weight: bold; }
  3. Save the css file and upload it to your system, in the setup area at step 5, section 5.6. For this, you need to be logged in as journal manager.

Further information on how to customize OJS can be found here:

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I want to bold titles listed under table of contents. I hope I clarified.

@gardbeat then I understood you correctly. If you use the css line I wrote in my previous post, it should work.

Hello @ojsbsb I added the line of code in the CSS that tells me and no change is made.

I marked in red, what you want it to look bold.

Can anybody help me? I have included a screenshot in the previous post . Thanks in advance for your reply.

@gardbeat, can you list, step-by-step, what you have done?

When I look at your live site of there is no CSS directive such as @ojsbsb described.

Please describe in detail what you tried.

Hi @gardbeat, if you followed the steps above, there may be one thing to note: After uploading the new css file, you will still need to click the “save and continue” button at the button of the page in setup - I sometimes forget that myself.

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Hello @ojsbsb and @ctgraham , first I feel my tardiness to respond. I must point out to you that I tried what I indicated ojsbsb and after him to keep, not work bolding those titles that are shown in the table of contents . I hope your help. Thanks in advance.

In addition I would add, after proving what you say , the web loses the previous css and practically the whole web " is broken " .

@ctgraham and @ojsbsb. I should make bold to put these letters ? I no longer works directed. I hope your help as always .

Please describe each step you try. Please share screenshots if possible.

Hello @ctgraham.

I mention my steps . I added this line of code to css file indicáis me and I have loaded in the configuration area (section 5.6). I tried both adding this line and loading . And also , I have prograde by editing the CSS ( looking your route ) from the CSS . And neither it works for me . I would like to send him the css by private, if you find something ? I am looking forward to your response.