Blank Page - OSJ 3.1.2

After a migration that gone bad some of the PDF article links give me a Blank page. I know that the file that was supposed to be downloaded does exist on journals/x/articles/y. However, it seems like OJS is trying to get a non-existent file. It is clear that this is a dissonance between the DB and the File system. My question is - how does OJS look for the file to be downloaded? I know it is a combination of whatever it is on submission_files, but not sure exactly how.

Blank file check:




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Hi @leonardobsjr,

Is upgrading to a more later version of OJS and option for you?

3.1 is no longer supported by PKP. I recommend that you upgrade to the newest version of OJS, as it is possible that your issue will be resolved by upgrading. In particular, there have been some recent changes in relation to how files are handled in the most recent version (3.3) However, other community members may wish to offer assistance if they are familiar with or have encountered this issue in 3.1.

Upgrading instructions are available in the PKP Administrator’s Guide.

Information about the latest version of OJS can be found on the PKP Website

Best regards,

PKP Team

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