Best practices to start from scratch, but restore issues

My current OJS installation is too “dirty” (I learn on it) and have too many leftovers. I wish to reinstall OJS on another subdomain. What are best practices to transfer 12 issues of journal and other data (users, logos etc.)?

Hi @gett

What is your current OJS version ? What is about these leftovers? Data in DB? What kind of data?

In any case, if you want export and import data I may suggest you read this thread about it:

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi @israel.cefrin,
Thank you for answer. Now I am on OJS 3.02, upgraded from OJS The old site (OJS was hacked, then restored from backup, then upgraded to 3.02. When we start to build journals, we learn online (I know, stupid, we should make it on temp site or on local computer, but…) so we ended with various folders and files in OJS folder. After attack, I could not differ which files are from attacker, which are our old leftovers. So I think that the best idea is to start from scratch, but don’t want to create all issues again.
EDIT: I think that DB is clear