Best practices for author with multiple affiliation


I’m wondering about the best way to handle authors with multiple affiliation in OJS (we are using OJS

Most of the time the authors of our articles work for more than one entity and want all of them to appear. In addition, we want this information to be consistent with the information in the article’s PDF (where all the affiliations are included).

From what I have read in the documentation and on the forum, it is not possible to enter multiple affiliations for an author. Even the ROR plugin which is very interesting for homogenizing the input of affiliations and automatically adding their location, does not handle multiple affiliations either, from what I understand in this topic.

What is the best way to proceed then ? We could simply add them all in the affiliation field using a separator like “;” but in we also would like to be able to export our articles data to DOAJ for example and I guess that could be a problem if data is not formatted as they would like?

Thank you for reading this to the end and I’m looking forward to any advice you may have.


Hi @Gavy,

See also this related Github entry:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team