Best practice - delete user but keep name in place?



We are using OJS but I assume this concerns all OJS instances.

There are some circumstances where we want to delete a user account and not just unassign them from the journal. This is also what GDPR requires on request of a user. However, if this user has been a reviewer before, we would lose this information in the submissions they have worked on. I think it would be GDPR compliant to keep the name (without contact data) in place because of “the public interest in the availability of the data,” which is of particular importance when maintaining the public record of scholarly publishing and also in case any problems (i.e. misconduct) arise with a published article later on.

So far, we merged the user account into a dummy account to remove it and then the name on the submission would switch to the dummy account name. We would very much like to keep the reviewer’s name in place although there might be no longer an account linked to it. I am currently not aware of any way to do this. Ideal would be a ‘delete account’ functionality with the option to keep the names in place but discontinue the account.

I don’t know if its the same for author accounts if they are merged into a dummy account. I suppose so? We certainly need to keep an authors name as well.

Is this an issue for any one else?