Bepress plugin questions

We have installed the Bepress plugin on our dev site to test the feature. Reading the github documentation it seems to be a server only application? Which is unfortunate since the person who would be using this plugin wouldn’t have access to our server.
Am I understanding it wrong? Can this plugin be used in the user interface? When I click the tab in the import export section,it gives me a blank screen.

I know it also needs to have a path to send the files to, which when I try to set up: php tools/importExport.php BepressImportPlugin falsctest simonne editorsimonne ojsdev/simonne/bepress_xml/falsctest
it doesn’t work.

What application are you using?
OJS 3.3.0-5

Hi @sjackson,

That’s correct. It requires access and skills to work with the plugin on the serverside. @mfelczak: can you advise on the the path and file issue here?

PKP Team

Hi @sjackson,

The path will need to be the full, absolute path to avoid any issues with relative paths. Could you give that a try?

If you are receiving any output errors, could you share those as well?


PKP Team