Band Pricing, Coupon and discount codes for Subscriptions, articles and manuscripts

Our subscribers, authors (and we) would like to be able to utilize discount codes when purchasing subscriptions, article reprints or manuscript submissions. We would also like support for Coalition-S Band based pricing.

If memory serves,coupons were available in OJS 2.x. This would be either a fixed discount or percentage discount on the purchase of the item. Or a look-up based on the banding above.

It may be really beneficial to include a BAND based pricing as has been proposed by coalition-S so that we can get content into the hands of those who can use it but can least afford it.

Who is asking for this feature?
Journal Administrators, Customer Support. Right now if we offer a discount the order has to be taken over the phone, fax, orderform versus on the OJS platform directly.

Thank you!

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