Backup 2.4.x on remote machine without ssh/root account

I think it is host problem but my apologies if it is OT, as it is!


‘files_dir = /home/users/web/b98/ipage.user-id/my-ojs-store’ .

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I have ojs 2.4.x running like a charm. The ‘config.ini.php’ has an entry to ‘files_dir = /home/users/web/b98/ipage.user-id/ my-ojs-store’. But, nevertheless, the folders in ‘ojs/public’ and ‘files_dir’ are empty.

I want to backup submitted files - any idea?


The submitted files should live in the “files_dir” location; OJS can’t serve up the article files without them present in that directory. Under the files_dir, you should see a folder “journals”, and then folders by journal_id. Can you verify this exists?


Thanks for follow-up.

The problem was with file viewer from ‘’ as all the submitted files were under ‘files_dir’. I manage to make an upgrade and it went smooth except few php warnings and two or three DB errors.

The site seems to be working fine but not sure if the upgrade was for real! Is there any way to check if anything is broken? I am not really a user of this site.


I would suggest searching for the warnings and errors you saw in the upgrade in this forum. You may find a relevant topic with existing guidance, or where you can ask a followup question. If you don’t find an existing answer, please post a new topic related to your specific warnings and errors, and describing the process you used to upgrade.


So far there has been no issue, I guess it is working fine. An error was related to DB about table not found. However, the table was there.

Update Steps from 2.4. to 3.x:

  1. Export sql DB.
    1.1) Create new DB and Import above
  2. Download 3.x
  3. Copy /public folder from 2.4 to 3.x
    3.1)Create copy of files_dir
  4. Copy context.ini.php from 2.4 to 3.x
  5. Point files_dir to new location (step 3.1) and DB (step 1.1)
  6. Set installation to Off in context.ini.php