Back Issue - Separate from Subscriptions

We need a way to differentiate between content that is included in a subscription and content that is not and must be purchased using Reader Fees. Other journals have requested “Various Subscription Options” such as Year-Based, Single Issue, and Back Issues. While I would like to request these features as well, something as simple as specifying which content is not included in the standard subscription types would solve the problem. In OJS 3.x you choose to add Readers Fees for articles and entire journal issues, but this content is automatically included in all digital subscriptions. This means that Readers Fees only apply to non-subscribers, which makes it much less useful as a separate fee structure. Creating a third option for each article of either ‘open, default, or special/reader’ would enable journals to charge separately for back issues or special content.

I continue to come across requests for features of this type. Perhaps this would be a simpler solution for the developers and would enhance the platform–especially if there is special content that journals would like to not include in standard subscriptions. Other types of digital purchases (album only in iTunes) include options like this. Thanks.