Back issue grid not loading - 502 error

Hello, I have quite a large number of back issues in my installation and, as a result, I have all sorts of problems getting the grid to load for back issues (i.e., /manageIssues#backIssues). Presently, I am getting a 502 error and therefore I cannot even edit any old issues. It does not appear that the “Load More” option is available for back issues but in my case it would be very helpful.

We also have quite a large number of institutional subscriptions and I just starting getting an error with the latter loading as well. However, even when the latter grid loads, the search function fails.

FYI, the PHP error log does not contain any relevant entries.

Any help on these issues would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @jamilj,

In case of 50x error I suggest to look in to the web server log files, there should be an error explaining what went wrong.

Regards, Primož

Thank you @primozs, I checked the Apache error logs and nothing comes up. Ultimately, the issue was resolved by my service provider by increasing the SubstituteMaxLineLength limit in .htaccess. However, due to the large number of back issues in my installation, he page still takes 11+ seconds to load. It seems reasonable to add a “load more” option here (as elsewhere).

Additionally, the search function is still broken for Institutional Subscriptions. I cannot find any errors in my PHP logs but if you have any other pointers I’d be glad to try them.