Avoid indexing some sections (ie: Reviews)


I’m a little out of my medium here, so please don’t he so hard if I’m talking rubbish.

All started with a journal that ask us to remove the book reviews (and all the secondary literature) from their journals. We were very surprised so, we asked “Why?”.

As most of you will know, the impact factor is calculated as follows:

The point is more elements you have in “number of recent items”, less impact you will have… and some indexers are counting reviews and info published in “not peer reviewed” sections as “recent items”.

After this, we look into our OJS 2.4.x deeply to find somewhere a “Do not index this section” checkbox… expecting this will let us avoid exposing those secondary publications via OAI (that it’s the way we suspect those index capture and calculate), but we didn’t find it.

So… does anybody know about a way to decide what will be exposed via OAI?
If not, do you know if OJS3 is fixing this?
Else… this post will be moved to github as a feature request. :wink:

Thanks for your help,