Automatically generate article covers/thumbnails from PDF

Dear all
are there any thoughts to create a plugin or tool that automatically generates article covers from PDFs (in the sense of thumbnails)?
Using the systematic paths to each PDF, let’s use php-gd to either once iterating through all published PDFs to create a thumbnail of the first page of each PDF and store the info to the db.
Or generate a jpg on the fly into the cache - meaning more server load but less iteration.
Or what about a #bash script for the /tools to be run on demand for back issues?

Does anyone have some pieces of code for that?

Thanks and all the best

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Hello @klausru,

Thanks for your post. My search of the forum and Github issues seems to suggest that such a feature has not been explored. If you’re not familiar with it, you may wish to check in our plugin development guide: Plugin Guide for OJS and OMP

Having the ability to include an article cover manually has generally been the approach taken in OJS as it gives editors/journal managers more control. Others may also wish to weigh in on the feasibility of developing such a feature/plugin.

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