Automatically changes the order of issues

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I using OJS It automatically changes the order of the article in an issue when I change information of an article. The article is the latest change will be arranged at the last position in issue.
In OJS 2.x, it doesn’t have this problem.
How do I turn off this features?
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That problem is similar in the “issue archive” and the publication date. Issue Order of Archive Issues - #8 by cristianviza

I understand that they working in solve it


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I’ve just tested it in my local installation and the article order does not change for me (after I have updated article metadata) :-\

@VJMech, how does you table of contents in the backend and the order of the articles there look like? – When you edit that issue.
Did you maybe customized the order?
Did you maybe move that article to another section?
What did you exactly change for that article?

Would it be possible for you to execute this SQL statement in your database:
SELECT * FROM published_submissions WHERE issue_id = X
where X is your issue ID.

EDIT: per default the articles are ordered by the publication date, but this should be customizable…


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We also use OJS
I have recently found that one of our journal editors had made a typo in the CC Licence URL and so the licence isn’t showing up on the published page. To fix this I went to each article ‘submission’ - ‘Production’- ‘Schedule for Publication’ and fixed the CC URL - however after fixing a couple of these I realised that these articles were being pushed to the bottom of the TOC as @VJMech describes.

Changing the metadata by selecting ‘Submission’ - ‘metadata’ on the top right corner doesn’t effect TOC order.

I have to fix the CC URL for a number of articles and was wondering if there is a quick fix to this problem.


Hi @Tuwpub,

Ah, now I see…
Here is the GitHub Issue: do not change the sequence of published articles when editing the "Schedule For Publication" form · Issue #3930 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. I.e. you would need to apply this patch/changes: pkp/pkp-lib#3930 do not change the sequence of already published arti… by bozana · Pull Request #2066 · pkp/ojs · GitHub.

You could eventually execute an SQL statement in you DB, to correct all wrong license URLs…


Thanks for the fix @bozana and the prompt response. This worked straight away!