Auto fill the username when a user request to re-cover their password

Hi Team,

We recently received some feedback from our Editors:

"I have had a recurring problem with reviewers ALREADY in the system.

They most often do not remember their passwords and try to recover it…

However when it sends them an e-mail with the link, the form presented requires the
username to be filled, and most often they do not remember it. I know that the
username is actually in the link:

The username is there to see ‘cavdberg’, but most users will not have this knowledge
to know it.

This is a question of configuration in the OJS, here in a journal we have in the university, when you click on such links, the field for username does not show up (is is on the link) but only the two confirmation boxes.

Since the username is already in the url, is it possible to auto fill the username in the column in the future version of OJS?



Hi @anzewill,

Go into Site Administration > Site Settings, and try enabling the setting called “Use a single step for password resets”.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team