Authors can see the count of reviewer assigned to submission

Hi, I don’t know why some authors could see the count of reviewer assigned to submission?
As you can see the picture below the author could see the count of reviewer assigned and how many of them answered!


Ojs version: 3.1.4
Reviewe Method: Double blind

Special Thanks of all participant Ojs team member @astevens, @asmecher, @bozana, @israel.cefrin

Hi @mbabaei,

This is the same question as your other thread, right? Please don’t post the same question in several places – if you’d like more information you can always follow up on the same thread as before.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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So could you help me to remove this counter?!

Hi @mbabaei,

This is intentional and doesn’t, as far as I’m aware, undermine the double blind anonymity of the reviewers.

The goal is to give authors more insight into the progress of their submission. By showing them that reviewers have been assigned, and if some or all reviewers have completed their review, they’re able to see that work is being done on their submission.

I’m afraid there’s no option in the software to remove this. You would need to write a custom plugin to hide this from the authors.