Author names not comma separated in table of content OJS 2.4.8


As you can see in the image below the authors are not separated by commas, the ideal would be to say: “Jose Manuel Piña Osuna, Juan Poom Medina”


Does someone knows how can i separate them by commas?, this is the code I think makes that part, I’m new and I’m not familiar with smarty


Thank you very much for your help

Hi @darkermisae,

is it the same in English and Spanish or in one language you have commas?

Regards, Primož

What specific version of 2.4.8 are you using? The code in 2.4.8 should look like this:

Is it possible your code has been modified locally?

hi @primozs
yes, it’s the same


Thank you, it gave an error for the way it was accommodated, but when i put it the same it was resolved