Author Guidelines for downloading

Hi. I am an admin of OJS for journal. Please tell, how to put Author Guidelines in .pdf for downloading at Submissions
It is known how to snap link for document from another site, but it is better to download it directly from journal’s site. Thank you.

Hi Alexander,

you have two possibilities:

Possibility 1.
If you have a full access to the OJS server, you may put your author guidelines somewhere under www root and link to the file from the HTML text of Author’s guidelines. But every time the guidelines change, it will be you who has to change the file, probably. OJS places the public files (CSS, images, etc.) in <ojs_webroot>/public/journals/<journal_id> so this could be a good place to put the file in.

Possibility 2.
[This has been mentioned somewhere on the old forum, kudos to the original poster.]
If you wish that it will be your journal manager who manages and updates the PDF of Author’s guidelines, it can be done via the standard File Browser that is accessible from the management pages for the journal.
However, the File Browser does not see the public directory by default. In order to make it accessible, you have to link the public file tree of your journal (which resides in <ojs_webroot>/public/journals/<journal_id>) to the “private” part of the file tree for the journal, which typically resides outside the webserver tree, in a directory like <ojs_fileroot>/journals/<journal_id>. So basically, on UNIX, the only thing you have to do is

 ln -s <ojs_webroot>/public/journals/<journal_id> <ojs_fileroot>/journals/<journal_id>/public

and the public directory maguically appears in the File Browser as well. The public file URI will be <ojs_webroot>/public/journals/<journal_id>/<file_name>.

Hope this helps.

– jan

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Thank you! Really helps.