Assistance with upgrading OJS 2 to 3

I am looking for an experienced OJS developer that can assist me with upgrading to OJS 3. I have 1 OJS installation with multiple journals (8). Ideally, I would like someone I can work with on an ongoing basis that can provide support and maintain OJS. We are a small publishing outfit.

I am looking for someone that can help me to successfully upgrade the website, fix the character issues and any other things that might pop up, as well as check that the website is secure. Those are my main priorities now. After that, it will be to update OJS when there is a new release and ensure the site is working optimally. This is pure technical only.

I am based in the US and would love to work in the same time zone if possible. Currently, I have my own dedicated server, and I would prefer to work with someone who is responsive and does not mind questions.

I would like to get the website upgraded by next week.

You can respond or private message me.


Hi @newone,

You may wish to have a look at our PKP Service Provider Directory here:

Best regards,

PKP Team

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