Assigning DOIs does not respond

This is my first time in using OJS and to assign DOIs. Whenever I click ‘ok’ in "Assign DOIs’, it does not load whatsoever. Even if I click repeatedly, it won’t load. And no DOI was not assigned. Should I go one by one with article and create DOI manually? Thank you.

Hi @Jewelle_Olarte,

Which version of OJS are you using, and which DOI registration agency (e.g. Crossref)? You may want to have a look at the following post: DOI not assigned (it sounds similar to what you’re facing, but maybe not quite). There is also our DOI documentation, which gives a little bit more context:

And, the Crossref documentation, that gives further context, specific to Crossref (which tends to be the more common agency/plugin that many use):

PKP Team

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