Assigning DOIs automatically to CrossRef (OJS

The CrossRef Plugin only works when I submit the articles manually. I read in here, that it depends on the scheduled task settings in plugins–>import/export–>crossref–>scheduledTasks.xml . By default I see code as follows:

	<task class="plugins.importexport.crossref.CrossrefInfoSender">
		<descr>Deposit Crossref DOIs and update statuses.</descr>
		<frequency minute="0"/>

What means frequency = 0 ?

Hi @trace,

Is there a tool like Cron configured to run your scheduled tasks? See “Scheduled Tasks” in docs/

The <frequency minute="0"/> means that the task can run once an hour. But the server-side tooling needs to be set up to do that.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team