Assign timed tasks for translation, proofreading and layout

Describe the problem you would like to solve
Our editors have translators, typesetters and proofreaders in their teams. Currently, the way to involve them in the editorial process is through discussions.
Our editors would like to be able to assign those tasks, and to have timelines, just as reviewers have a few weeks to accept and send the review.

Describe the solution you’d like
In the copyediting or production states, (similar to the reviewer assignment process), there should be a button to add the task and the person who will perform it (translation, proofreading, etc.).
the above with previously assigned times.
At the end of the task, the editor will click received (or accepted).

Who is asking for this feature?
Editors and the rest of the editorial team, who believe that this would provide better control of the task assignments for each team member.

Additional information
Having the dates of the assignments of each task, you can think in the future to visualize a Gantt chart.

This requirement is very important, mainly for non-native English language journals, since the translation process is a very important assignment within the editorial process, just as it happens in revisions, there is a translation expert involved and it should be considered as a task assignment, with start and end times.
Likewise the process of proofreading and layout, which should also be considered as a task assignment, with start and end times.