Assign reviewers to no review section

The journal was recently upgraded to OJS version A book review was recently submitted and it was assigned to the ‘Book/Media Reviews’ section. The ‘will not be peer-reviewed’ check box is checked for this section. After the submission was accepted the item was waiting for reviewers to be assigned. This is the first time this journal has used the 3.3 branch of OJS. Does the editor need to confirm the non peer-reviewed status in the submission acceptance tab to skip the review? I was thinking it might be a change to the workflow and that we are unfamiliar with the new steps.

Hi @criminal,

I just tested this and if your section is configured to not need review you should see the" “Accept and Skip Review” option.

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 7.37.24 AM

This will bring it right into the Copyediting stage.

PKP Team

Hi Roger,

Yes, I see an Accept and Skip Review button. Thank you for helping.


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