Asking for Reviewers names at new submission stage

I want to mandate the authors to suggest two/three reveiwers (names, email id, affiliation…) at the new submission of article.
Any expert can guide me how can I implement this?
Thanks and looking forward for suggestions.

Hi @seisense,

You could create a new item in your Submission Preparation Checklist asking them to upload a completed copy of a suggested viewer form (as screenshot below).


The Suggested Reviewer Form would need to be hyperlinked so the author can download the a copy of the reviewer form to be completed.

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks @pmangahis
good idea.

Here is another problem. Submission checklist does not allow me to create hyperlink to the reviewer form. Actually checklist is a plain box where you can write the text only. How have you created the hyperlink?
I am using OJS

Hi @seisense,

If you enter in the HTML tags onto the text box it does recognize this and will turn them into hyperlinks.

Thanks, @pmangahis
Yes, it worked.