Articles Reports is not showing keywords on additional languages

I have noticed an issue when I generate an articles report from Admin Panel - Reports, Articles Report the CSV that I am getting is bringing the information based on the language selected in UI (in my case either Spanish or English). On the Spanish report which is my default languages, I can see the Keywords and other information like title in Spanish. If I change the UI to English and I generate the report, fields like title are coming in English but keywords only in Spanish.

I am using OJS

Please see the below screenshots.



Hi @Docentes_2.0,

Thanks for sharing. I see a similar issue noted in our github issues: article report considers only UI and primary locale · Issue #1502 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - @bozana - do you know if this might be related?

PKP Team

Hi @Docentes_2.0 and @rcgillis,

That was slightly different issue that seems to be solved now, but I opened a new issue that addresses exactly the problem described here:

So it would be best to follow the issue for a solution…


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