Articles don´t appear in Google search

Hello again.

How do I to index my journals, and articles of this journals, in searches, like in Google?

Have the register site for indexing (Metadata harvesting) relation with this? The PKP metadata harvester , how it works?

Hi @Mauricio_Adriano,

Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines should take care of themselves; your content should be indexed eventually. Just make sure your journal is “Enabled” (use the Edit tool in the Site Administrator’s “Hosted Journals” list).

You can read more information about the PKP Index at our blog; that’s one example of an OAI-based resource, and there are others out there.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi all,

Our portal isn’t being harvested by google too, we are using 2.4.7-1, next week I’m gonna see whats wrong.

If you discover anything, please post it here.