Articles and issues missing during upgrade to OJS 3.0.2

8 issues and all the articles from the issues are missing in upgrade.

The current volume is 5 (in current site 2.4.5 ) but in development site it is up to 4 only (upgraded to 3.0.2)

The upgrade process:

Copy files to subdomain and overwrite with new version
Copy database from current site to development site
Configure the details in config file
Change php ini settings
Change installed_on to off and run upgrade

What am I missing? Why the latest issues and articles are missing?

I have to do another time from scratch to import the missing articles or any other way available?

I would rather wait for 3.1 before upgrading (20th October). Many issues should be resolved by then.

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Thanks for the reply

We can wait for the other journal till 3.1 release.

But for this journal, we are about to push it to live site as soon as possible.

I’m wondering how whole set of volume (8 issues and its articles) are missing after upgrade.

Has anyone encountered this kind of issue before?

I just know that some errors were not handled properly, which could lead to skipping whole issues without logging the errors.
I think, @bozana could have some more hints.

Hi @LaxMariappan

Hmmm… That sounds impossible for me… :wink:
Those database tables (issues and articles) are not changed – the DB table articles is just renamed into submissions. Thus could you maybe take a look in your DB tables issues and submissions and check if all issues and articles (from the time point when you did the upgrade) are there?