Article viewers without journal header/footer

OJS 3.x : Is there a reason why the article viewer plugins PDF.js and HTML Article Galley (and the Alternative HTML Article Galley by @ajnyga ) have been designed to have no journal header (logo/menu) and footer?

We have received objections by a Web design office that this way the user loses visual context because page layout changes too much.

@asmecher @ctgraham If nothing stands against it, I will create a copy of the abovementioned plugins on our system and add the headers/footers.

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Hi @mpbraendle,

seems interesting, can you please share or outline you changes afterwards here as well?

Regards, Primož

I have now created a new Alternative HTML Article Galley including header/footer. Changing this one was the easiest case.

See Anzeige von Handelsbeziehungen Schweiz – EU im globalen Kontext | sui generis for an example.

It’s not that simple with the standard PDF.js / HTML Article Galley plugins because they use an iframe, which brings several problems with it (scaling, applying CSS).

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@mpbraendle happy to take a pr on this. This could maybe be something you can select as a setting in the plugin!

Yes, thought of this option, too. Since I’m not yet proficient with settings in plugins, I would need your help.

I’ve also done the same for the standard HTML Galley plugin using the iframe. Still, I think it’s ugly from a usability point of view (scrolling within scrolling), and in my opinion, iframes should be avoided whenever possible. There are many good arguments against using iframes on the Web.


We do not use the default html plugin at all, hate iframes…

Do a pr with the stuff you have ready and I will take a look!


Hi @ajnyga,

I have uploaded the code to GitHub - mpbraendle/embedHtmlArticleGalleyHeader: OJS embedded HTML Article Galley including header and footer

Please have a look at it.

There are some local changes in templates/display.tpl which should be moved out and instead there should be settings page for these things. I would be glad for help on that. See also

Also I have created an embedPdfJsViewer that embeds the pdf.js viewer without iframe and displays a journal header/footer. I’m still working to restore the print functionality - the pdf.js code by Mozilla is very encapsulated and difficult to understand.

Here a screenshot of what I have already.embedPdfJsViewer


Hi all,

Excellent work, @mpbraendle – I’d love to see this added to the plugin gallery when it’s ready!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team