Article page display error

I am using 2.4.8-and Pdf links appear right after article name instead of at the end of row as following image illustrates.

Any solution to solve it ?

Hi @zaratushtra,

Are you using a custom journal (or issue) stylesheet that’s a modified copy of an older OJS stylesheet? If so, it’s likely that this stylesheet is interfering with the OJS 2.4.8 styles. Generally speaking, it’s good practice to only override the styles you need.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

hi @asmecher ,

thank you, solved the problem .

Our journal homepage is
We are using OJS 3.0.2 version
In the first (current) issue published, on the article display page:

  1. Few article are not showing download statistics and reflects - “Download data is not yet available.” e.g.
  2. On few articles display page, right side (custom block) menu is missing e.g.
  3. On few articles display page, in ‘How to cite’ box when a particular citation style is clicked - It is opening in new window instead of displaying in the same box. e.g.
    Please help is rectifying it.

Hi @hannanhazari,

Your questions are different than the original post; to help keep the forum organized, can you post those as a new topic?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team