Article metadata display several languages

Hey there to everybody, i´m currently working with OJS

I´m a OJS admin and a regular user too, i’am also a web developer so feel free to use any techy words.

Currently we have two journals hosted in OJS. In some articles the original language is spanish and the second language is english, some other articles is the same but otherwise (original english and second is spanish) This is intentional.
In January 2018, some mexican laws regarding journals ranking have changed, now they ask us to display both or several languajes at the same time (and they know OJS can´t do this). So you´ll have a lot of mexicans asking the same thing.

Question: How do i display at the same time my articles titles in the original languaje and the second language?. Is there any example of this in code?

I know its somewhere here:

Question2: How do i display at the same time my article metadata?

If you point me in the right direction i can go on and finish the whole thing. Just need a little bit of knowledge from you guys.

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @darkermisae,

We use a similar pattern for almost all localized content in OJS. When you see something like


…it means, in brief, “get the title in the current language, but if there is none, use the title in the primary language instead”.

Wherever you see this, you can call instead:


…that is, you can specify a locale to use directly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Thanks for the quick response Alec, i´ll give it a try and come back later.

Estimado @asmecher, acabo de utilizar tu respuesta ya que Redalyc nos pidió mostrar los títulos y key en dos idiomas, funciono perfecto, saludos

I would like to do the same but in OJS3, is there a way?