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Dear @asmecher

What is the best way to display an article as an HTML ? is there any plugins in ojs system doing this ? or third party software?

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You can upload an HTML file as a Galley directly in the OJS interface, the same way you would upload a PDF.

I do not have the HTML file ? I want the way to convert the PDF or Word to HTML then upload it

Yes, you will need to convert your file outside of OJS. For example, Word can “Save As” HTML.

I already have articles as .html files. I tested one of these by uploading it as a galley to a future issue of my journal (running OJS 2.6) and adding “HTML” as the label. In a preview of the issue, when I clicked on the HTML link under “Full Text” on the article’s landing page, the .html file opened in a new window outside of OJS. I was expecting it to be rendered in a frame such that the journal’s sidebar, header, and footer would be around it, as is the case when the galley is a PDF file. Did I do something wrong?

Hi @pmfarrell,

See this FAQ entry.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team