Article history fields OJS

I have had several requests from editorial boards if possible to include article history fields in metadata so the editors can enter data after the review process is complete.

See attach.

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Are you thinking of having these on article abstract page?

It is of course one solution to have editors enter these manually. Then you could simply create a plugin that adds a couple of metadata fields and with a abstract page template hook call for those values to show them there.

However, I think that these are all values that could be fetched from the database by default and would not have to be entered by the editors manually. In this case as well you could use a plugin to show them, but I think that this could be something to consider to add to the core functionality?


Yes, I think that this should be part of core functionality and that it should not be hard to make it. But, the OJS staff know better is it easy or not to do that.

Thanks on supporting my proposal.

Maybe something like this: GitHub - ajnyga/dates

Do you have an example how it works?

no sorry, but it basically adds the dates you asked to the article page. You just need to download it, upload to generic plugins and enable in a journal and then check an article page.

OK. Thanks. I will test it and let you know how it works.


I uploaded it to plugins/generic folder and it displayed dates which it used from the system.
I think that it should have an option to enter dates manually since in all transition/migration stages or uploading archives we need to set the real dates not teh system dates.
For example, if one article was submitted on January 10, 2011 and everything was completed during 2011 we have to be able to enter those dates instead of dates automatically acquired from the system, which are let say today since I entered article into new version of OJS today.
I hope my suggestion is clear.


I think that it would make more sense to change the actual OJS timestamps for the imported articles. I am not certain, but I think that some of the dates can be defined in the native XML import.