Article Download Statistics in OJS 3.0

Hi there,
I am using OJS 3.x to host our journals. I have been required by the indexing agencies to show the article download statistics. Although currently the abstract page of each article shows this statistics but there is no separate page to show up the article level statistics.
Any plugin or solution for it please?

Hi @sulaman

(I hope you are using the latest OJS version 3.0.2 because a lot of changes/improvements happened since 3.0)

There are also report plugins that you could use to get the counts listed in a CSV i.e. a sheet document (under Tools > Statistics), e.g. Views report, PKP Usage statistics report or Custom report. The numbers are not displayed online, but maybe you can summarize them as you need and manually put them online or send them to those agencies?
In the coming OJS 3.1 release also the COUNTER report will be available.


Thank you indeed @bozana for the detailed reply. I will follow the guidelines as suggested. :slight_smile: