Article download issue after migration

I’ve migrated from 2.2.4 to 2.4.6 using the relative guide.

The website is correctly working, if I click on an article I can see the abstract, clicking on the PDF link a new page is shown but is completely empty:

In this page I can see in the HTML code an object referring to the following

In this page there is another link to download the PDF, clicking on that link a blank page is shown.

In the Apache2 access.log and error.log I see no errors, and all the pages returned code 200.

Can somebody please help me debugging this strange behavior?
Do you know which method is responsible to respond to the following two paths?

Thank you.

To map a URL to the code, look in the “pages” folder for the RESTful object, here “articles”. The index.php there indicates that all of the article operations (including viewFile and download) are resolved by the ArticleHandler:

Looking at the ArticleHandler, you’ll find a method for each of these operations:

The first parameter, as you note, is the $articleId. The second is the $galleyId.

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