Article DOI in galley landing pages

Hello community,

We at Universidad Nacional de Colombia have modified the article template in order to show DOI and the ShareThis tool at first. For example:

But now, we also want to show the article DOI at the HTML and PDF landing page (we only assign one DOI for each article, not for every gallery). Could you help us to modified the article.tpl file in order to present article DOI identifier rightly before the HTML or PDF deployment.

In case someone needs or wants to know how we have modified the article.tpl, I can share it by mail because here it can’t be uploaded.

Thank you very much.

DOIs can be assigned to galleys as well as to articles. This is why article.tpl references the displayed item as the generic term “$pubObject”. The template file could be displaying either an article or a galley, and either (or both) the article of galley could have a DOI attached.

It sounds like you are wanting to display the DOI from $article when you are viewing the $galley object. It looks like the $article object is still assigned, even if viewing the $galley, so this should be a pretty easy change.