Arrange issues by year for ojs3

Hi, I have trouble to arrange my issues based on years and volume. I have tried and check previous solutions but neither of them solve my problem. May I know alternative ways to solve my problems as soon as possible since we need to make our site for public view in less than a week. Thank you

What have you tried?

You can order the issues by drag and drop from Issues > Back Issues > Order. I prefer editing the publish date of each issue and let the database query order the issues based on that date.

version ojs you use?

Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried this but it did not work

We are using ojs 3.0

OJS 3.0 is very old and has a lot of small bugs. The latest version is

If you are sure that the issue publish dates are correct, then you could try deleting the rows from custom_issue_orders table for the journal that has problems. If you only have one journal, you can delete all the rows from that table When no custom order exists, OJS will use the issue publish date for ordering.

OJS3.0 had a bug related to issue ordering and it seemed to get stuck in that version. I think that is what you are experiencing.