Are there any settings for maximum upload size of a file to OJS?

I am assisting a journal with migrating off a server run within my organization and onto a server that I have no access to. I’ve exported all issues using the Articles & Issues Export Plugin. When the journal tries to import an issue, the following error shows up: “The upload failed; please ensure that uploads are allowed on your server and that the file is not too big for your PHP and web server configuration.”

I’ve emailed and php.ini should be set to allow what I need (20 MB allowed as upload_max_filesize and file_upload and post_max_size). Is there any other setting to check? Any settings in the GUI?

If the large file size is not allowed, then what’s the best way to proceed. There are 198 published articles, so exporting and importing one at a time is not a good option. If file upload on the new site is set at something like hypothetically 8MB and too small for importing an entire issue at once, then what options can I give the journal? Is there a better way to work given a small file size cap.


This may be an issue with writing permissions to the galleys directory for the new OJS install. This directory needs to be writable by the web server in order for uploads to work.