Arcticle View Stat not update from previous version

I have a question about article view stats on my OJS. When the OJS was upgraded from 2.3.7 to 2.4.6. would the data for total views have been lost? In looking at individual stats for articles under VIEW column, they seem far too low. how can I recover it from previous version?

Many thanks

Hi @Ptran,

Start with this FAQ entry:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

HI Alec,
I’ve followed the instruction above but it still doesn’t work with my case.

  1. Checked my URL is correct in file.
  2. Folder permission in " usageStats " folder is also correct.
  3. No email sent to Administrator to warn about processing task is not running.
  4. I’ve tried querying into the database server, using the command below

SELECT * FROM metrics WHERE metric_type = “ojs::counter”;

and this query command has return a bunch of entries.

Any other suggestion to get my “View Stat” back?

thanks much


Hi @Ptran,

Your stats processing seems fine. See this explanation:

Basically the old views are not lost, but they are deprecated. You can still access that old data from the stats reports, but you will not see them anymore anywhere else.

Let me know if you have any other doubt.


Hi @beghelli,

I found this thread similar to my situation. Do you mean “OJS usage statistics report” by stats reports? I only get stats since the month of the upgrade and nothing before it.


There are multiple legacy stats (see @beghelli’s earlier link for details) . The type “ojs::legacyDefault” was driving the original question, and is now found in the “View Report”.

The “OJS usage statistics report” now uses the new COUNTER-ready metrics behind the scenes. The earlier link describes the migration process which is intended to bring the legacy statistics forward into the new COUNTER-ready metric. Did you follow that process earlier?

Alternately, to get historic statistics into the new COUNTER-ready metric, you could re-process your old Apache logs, as described here: