Archiving entries in the Book for Review/Object for Review plugins

Not all books that we make entries for end up being sent to a reviewer.
These books would then still show in the “Available” list.
Would there be any way to archive these entries without deleting them entirely?


As an editor, at the books for review management page, you can always click on the Edit link for a submission that wants to review a book and it will open the workflow page for that submission. There you can reject and archive it.


Hi @beghelli

To clarify, we receive a book, we will then make an entry with metadata for it via the Books for Review/Objects for Review plugins.
If we end up taking no action on this book, ie, we don’t send it to a reviewer, and we don’t add a submission to it, it would remain in the available list.

As I understand the plugins, as of now the book entries that get reviewed and processed and eventually get linked to a book review article submission would be found under the “Submitted” list. But the books entries that don’t get processed (as I have explained in the above paragraph) will stay in the “Available” list. We want that such book entries be archived, and only book entries that are new and yet to be processed show in the “Available” list.

Is there a way to archive book metadata entries either into an “archive” list or a “not available” list within the Books for Review/Objects for Review plugins?
We would not like to delete any of these book entries as we would like to maintain a database of all books we receive, regardless of whether they were processed or not.




Thanks for your clarification, I get it now. :smile:

Currently there is no archive list in the books for review plugin. What you can do to achieve what you want without coding, is to create an author account that can be used to submit articles just to be assigned to a book you want to move out from the available list.

Those books will be moved to the submitted list, but you can use “Archived” for the author name, so this will differentiate those books from the ones that had a real submission.

If that’s too much complicated, then the only solution is to code an option to archive book entries. It’s not too much work, and if you have resources or people that can do it, I can help with some guidelines.


Hi @beghelli

Thanks for your suggestions.

I saw many posts on the forum suggesting that one should use the Objects for Review plugin instead of the Books for Review plugin, such as Giving section editor access to book review process - #2 by asmecher
We are therefore considering using the Objects for Review plugin instead.

Will your suggestions apply to the Objects for Review plugin as well?
If so, please do help me with the guidelines to code an option to archive book entries. We have web developers who would be able to undertake the coding.

FYI, our OJS version is 2.4.5 upgraded to 2.4.6 through patch.

Many thanks.


Hi @lubna,

The Object For Review plug-in differentiates between objects for review (e.g. Books) and their assignments. An object for review can stay available as long as you want i.e. an objects can be reviewed by several authors. Thus, when editing an object for review, you have an option/check-box “Available” that you can select or deselect. When deselected, the object is still in the system and in the editor’s list of objects for review, has status “Not available”, and is not displayed to the users. S. for example this image:

Maybe this is an OK solution for you? If so, I would suggest taking a look and testing the Objects For Review plug-in.

(Objects for review assignments can have these statuses: requested, assigned, mailed, submitted.)


Hi @bozana

Thanks for your suggestion.
I took a look at Objects for Review plugin, and I think the available/not available status option should work for us.

Thanks again!