Archive hyperlink wrongly generated

Need help on these:

  1. ISSN is not saved in the database. Appreciate a help to locate which table and field in the DB ISSN is stored.
  2. Past issue link is not generated correctly. Need some advice on how to fix the issue. The current issue link is generated correctly when viewed under Archive page. It’s something like:

However, the past issue link is generated wrongly as:

Appreciate your help guys. Thanks.

Hi @saiyidi, I believe the ISSN is stored in the journal_settings table, in the setting_name column there’s an item called onlineIssn and another called printIssn.

Thanks, Kaitlin. Unfortunately, item

is not listed on my phpMyAdmin view.


There should be a second page, I assume you checked there as well? You may need to add it if not.

Some more familiar with the codebase might be able to provide insight on the journal link issue. It almost looks like it’s replacing the issue id with your baseurl. Have you done any customization to the templates? And does the issue look as expected in the issues and issue_settings tables in the db?

Also, which version of OJS are you using, and are you installing from github or from the release package?